Fanda S1 Pro

A Fanda Hair Dryer that’s really suitable for pregnant women & children.

A hair dryer that’s really suitable for pregnant women & children.

  • Close to 0 electromagnetic radiation technology
  • 3 heavy insulation design, to prevent leakage & combustion
  • 3 layer shell design is more resistant to fall and impact, longer service life
  • 2 billion negative ions synthesize static electricity, smoothing scales and reducing frizz.
  • Moisturizing negative ions to form a protective film for hair, making hair brighter.
  • Quick drying! Double-layer heat structure makes hair dry faster!
  • 20,000 rpm motor speeds up the wind speed and refuses to “bake dry” the hair.
  • Noise Reduction Technology reduces noise nuisance
  • Double honeycomb design prevents hair strands from being trapped in the problem.

Fanda is constantly developing better hair dryers for you 🌀 Just to be worthy of a better and better you!

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