Hair Rejuvenation
And Scalp Care

Care for the scalp with Fanda

Fanda is proudly made with health and safety regulations. Our products are formulated with 100% natural active ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about side effects.

Hair Scalp Tonic​

  • Avoid chemical & dead skin cell residue
  • Strengthens the hair root
  • Delaying gray hair and providing nutrients for hair growth
  • Avoiding Dandruff Problems

Ingredients: nettle extract, arnica extract, sage extract, rosemary extract, watercress extract, aloe vera gel extract.

Keratin Perfume Mist

We’ve heard your voices and we’ve worked very hard to develop the “fragrance” you really need. It also adds a natural, long-lasting fragrance to the hair.

  • Repair damaged hair cells
  • Delay hair cell aging, reduce grey hair
  • Promote cell metabolism
  • Reduce split-ends problem
  • Reduce hair loss problems

Maintaining the image of a goddess and enhancing her charisma is just a matter of spraying.

Hair Cool Spa Treatment

A healthy and shiny hair not only keeps you happy, but also gives you a lot of confidence!

  • ️Argan oil reduces hair breakage, split ends
  • Enhance the toughness of hair, for effective improvement of hair loss problem
  • Locks in moisture in hair & scalp cells

Essential Oil
Equalise Shampoo

  • Algae extract replenishes the hair with the nutrients it needs to fight allergies & dandruff.
  • Tea Tree Oil that prevents follicles from becoming clogged with chemicals and dead skin.
  • Nourishes hair cells to keep hair healthy

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