Hair Accessories

Accessories for your Hair Care Technology

Hair Curler

Function. Value |Exquisite in every way

The lightweight and compact Hair Curler meets the requirements of fairies in terms of details and appearance!

  • Smart Card Hair Sensor – The automatic start/stop setting allows you to do the styling process without any hair jam, from head to tail.
  • Crystal ironing shield – Newcomers will love this little device! No need to worry about the crisis of burning your hands and face!
  • Dual Channel Negative Ion – A full range of negative ions infuse the hair strands to make the curls softer and smoother.
  • Power protection device – Long press 3 seconds to turn on the power; 30 minutes automatic power off, even if you forget to turn off the power after use, do not worry about damage.

Hair Shaver

There are so many shaving and razor brands and styles to choose from, so we understand that it’s never the choice you’re looking for, but rather the combination of the “good and the great”!

  • 100% waterproof body for easy rinsing.
  • Upgraded version of the three-blade blade to make shaving more comfortable and fast shaving
  • Hair salon special whitening magic tool after shaving hair brighter and cleaner

Hair Dryer Stand

  • ️Exquisite and compact design
  • It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to use.
  • Suction cup bottom makes the rack more stable.

Getting one will definitely give you a great user experience!

Air Cushion Comb

In response to customer feedback, Fanda has created this hairbrush for our fans! If you’re facing any of the following problems and want to get better, this is the way to go:

  • Hair ends are tangled and hard to comb
  • Frizzy hair
  • Hair is flat and has no volume
  • Shoulder and neck discomfort due to stressful life
  • Hair loss exceeds the normal proportion

Anti-Frizz Towel Combo​

  • Towel (34*75)
  • Bath Towel (70*140)
  • Dry Hair Cap (25*65)

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