Engineered to care for hair and scalp.

Fast drying.
No heat damage.

With powerful airflow, advanced negative ion technology, and precise temperature control, Fanda Pro makes drying your hair quick, simple, and convenient. A premium design and intuitive LED indicators provide a look premium while helps giving to your hair, with a compact design to make storage a breeze. Care for your hair and let its full glory shine through.

Make drying hair faster

The constant air temperature of 60 ℃* helps effectively reduce split ends, damaged hair, and color fading, keeping your hair healthy and smooth. With intelligent temperature control system provides constant temperature monitoring, 100 times per second, to prevent damaging hair with high heat. Overheat protection activates and automatically stops operation if overheating is a concern.

Care for your hair

Make drying your hair quick and effortless with powerful airflow. A complete negative discharge improves the anion concentration by 30 times* over the previous model. These negative ions help close hair cuticles, lock in moisture, and enrich your hair.

Stylish and elegant.

Enjoy a better looking hair dryer with more elegant colors and a smoother casing. A stylish moon-pit recessed design, mountain gray, white and blue color options, and premium painted shell provide a distinct look and feel to your hair dryer. 

Customize your drying

Easily dry your hair the way you want with 3 temperature settings, providing constant temperature for consistent warm-air drying, high temperature for a quick dry, or hot/cold cycling for curling or fluffing.

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Product Name

Fanda Pro S

Voltage and Frequency


Operation Modes

Three temperatures (60,90,120)


110,000 High Speed Motor


30 million Negative Ions

*This product has three colors: Premium gray, Matte black, Rose Pink and Emerald Green.

*This product depicted here is for illustration purposes only. Actual appearance and figure may vary.

Pro Si High-Speed Hair Dryer

Premium Gray

Pro Mini High-Speed Hair Dryer

Matte Black

Pro Mini High-Speed Hair Dryer

Rose Pink

Pro Mini High-Speed Hair Dryer

Emerald Green

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