Enabling enhance styling with less heat

Advanced heat-control technology

Thanks to advanced heat-control technology, such as the even heat distribution plates and advanced stable heater, heat is distributed uniformly over the plates and the correct temperature is maintained.

Even heat distribution plate & advanced stable heater

Heat is distributed uniformly over the even heat distribution plates, from edge to edge, so your hair is styling more evenly. What’s more, the advanced stable heater detects when the plates are in use and maintains the correct temperature during styling.

Tetra Ionic System
for shiny hair

Let your hair feel the enriching ionic ambience with the Tetra Ionic System. The patented design releases millions of ions using 4 special jets nested on both sides of the straightener.


Product Name

Fanda Hair Straightener

Product Size

2.5cm (S), 4cm (L)

Voltage and Frequency

110-240 V

Styling temperature

80°C -230°C

Ready to use in

10 sec.

Cord Length


*This product has five colors: Premium black, Bright moon white, mint green, cherry blossom pink, 

*This product depicted here is for illustration purposes only. Actual appearance and figure may vary.

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